Why Buy Your Own Home?

If you are thinking of buying a home, it’s crucial to examine the main advantages and disadvantages to determine whether now is the right time for you.

One of the biggest financial and rewarding decisions you will make is buying a home. It pays to address the main advantages and disadvantages. This research can be done from the comfort of your home or office, and does not need to consume a great deal of your time. This guide will steer you through the complete process of buying your home, from the moment you decide to search for a new home to the moment you carry the first box through the front door. Being an informed individual about the home buying process is empowering for you.

Pride of ownership is one of the main reasons people desire homeownership. Owning a home is something to be proud of but it comes with a cost of added responsibility. Let’s say one morning you wake up and realize you’re throwing away money on rent and figure buying a home is the best investment possible. That may be a perfectly suitable reason if they fit your personal situation. Yes, there can be some wonderful advantages, including a sense of stability and security, potential tax advantages and the appreciation of equity. It’s making an investment in your future. However, once you have weighed the benefits and decided what your reasons are for buying a home, you will be much more likely to keep everything in clear focus. That’s a major hurdle now passed. You are ready for your next step. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Financial Security. If housing prices increase in value, your home can provide you with some wealth creation due to capital appreciation and debt reduction.
  • Stability. Homeownership gives you and your family a place to call your own,
  • Financial Stress. Considerable stress can be placed on your finances trying to come up with the down payment and meeting the regular mortgage payments.
  • Maintenance. Inspecting your home on a regular basis and following good maintenance practices requires time and money.
  • Responsibility. You alone are accountable for payments, repairs and maintenance.
  • Flexibility. When owning your house you will be able to decide all the aspects that come with it.


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